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UniSampler with telescopic suction lance

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For sampling of liquids from precisely predetermined depths. Telescopic suction lance can be varied at will to a maximum length of 100 cm


1. Set the desired sampling depth by moving the suction lance
2. Attach the sampling bottle to the adapter
3. Lower the suction lance into the medium
4. Create a vacuum using the hand-pump and collect the sample
5. Remove the filled sampling bottle, close and label it.

incl. 5 sample bottles 250 ml and 500 ml each, hand-driven vacuum pump and adapter for sample bottles, 20 seal-it bottle seals.

PP suction lance, PVC suction hose

Sample bottles available in 4 sizes

Ordering Information:
5314-1000 UniSampler with flexible hose

0319-0100 Sampling bottle made of PP, 100 ml
0319-0250 Sampling bottle made of PP, 250 ml
0319-0500 Sampling bottle made of PP, 500 ml
0319-1000 Sampling bottle made of PP, 1000 ml