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Target Immersion Cylinder

With the Target immersion cylinder, liquid samples can be taken from a particular point. The immersion cylinder is lowered on a strong and sealed tube. When the target has been reached, a valve at the tube end is opened. This vents the immersion cylinder and fills it with the sample. The immersion cylinder is pulled up and emptied via the screw thread.

• Weight 1,5 kg.
• With 5 m venting tube.
• Screw-off upper part for quick cleaning.

How it works
Lower the Target immersion cylinder to the required depth. When the target has been reached, open the valve at the tube end to vent the cylinder and fill it with the sample. Pull up the immersion cylinder, open the cover and pour out the sample.

Ordering Information:

Target immersion cylinder complete with venting/lowering tube, valve, cable reel
5365-6000 Contents 500 ml Dia. 75mm Height 200mm