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Disposable Plunging Siphon

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If strongly adhesive liquids are sampled, it can be a lot less expensive to dispose of the sampler properly than to employ a long and complicate cleaning process.

The disposable plunging siphons were specially developed for this. They are made of PE, transparent and allow easy recognition of their contents. PE provides a surface that resists adhesion of the sample material, minimising sample retention and loss.

1. Insert/fill collector into liquid.
2. Close thumb hole above the handle using your thumb.
3. Remove plunging siphon, and empty liquid into the sampling bottle.

Ordering Information:
27mm Diameter Disposable Plunging Siphon

5387-0050 Total length 500mm Penetration Depth 350 mm Volume 75ml
5387-0075 Total length 750mm Penetration Depth 600 mm Volume 175ml
5387-0100 Total length 1000mm Penetration Depth 850 mm Volume 275ml