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Mudder Boots

Mudder boots keep you on top in swamps and marshlands.

Mudders boots keep you on top

Mudders overcome the two difficulties of mud travel sinking and suction by copying nature. Many of natures creatures are able to walk quite easily on soft mud.

The Great Blue Heron inspired the inventor of Mudders with its ability to widen its foot when it steps down and contract it as the foot is lifting. Mudders work in the same manner.

Mudders Are Indispensable For:
  • Duck Hunters
  • Snowmobilers
  • Clam Diggers
  • Surveyors
  • Fire and rescue Teams
  • Military Personnel
  • Naturalists
  • Conservationists
  • Anglers

Constructed of chemical-resistant, non-stick plastic. Utilize expandable wings to provide 180 square inches of support when crossing soft terrain. Worn over boots or waders, the wings expand as you step onto soft surfaces to increase boot area by four times and then retract to 8” when you lift your foot. Webbing on the underside of the wings forms a sealed chamber to trap air and eliminate ”suction” common with other footwear.

Quick cinch-and-release boot straps. Sold by the pair

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