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Electrolevel Beam Sensor

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Electrolevel Beam Sensors detect differential movement and rotation in structures. Two versions of the beam sensor are available: horizontal for monitoring settlement or heave and vertical for monitoring lateral displacement and convergence.

The Electrolevel Beam Sensor measures rotation of structures in the vertical plane.

The sensor is based on the well established Fredericks 0711 series electrolevel sensor. The sensor mounting incorporates an adjustment for zeroing and protects the sensor against thermal gradients.

The Electrolevel Beam sensor consists of a precision glass electrolevel vial mounted in an inert ceramic compound which is itself placed in an adjustable mount. Once installed, thumb-wheels at one end allow the sensor to be adjusted to the zero position using a handheld readout.

The sensor is attached to a rigid beam for installation and various beam lengths are available. Both ends of the beam are fixed using anchor bolts. When multiple beams are placed end to end, a differential displacement profile of the structure from anchor point to anchor point can be derived.

Product Features:

• Multiple beams in a chain give a complete displacement profile
• Simple, well proven device, ideal for measuring tilt in structures
• Accurate and precise
• Measures tilt along the whole length of a beam
• Measures vertical rotation

Ordering Information:

Electrolevel Beam Sensor
TLT1-1.1 Horizontal assembly
TLT1-1.2 Vertical assembly

Electrolevel Beam - Horizontal
TLT1-H.1 1 metre length
TLT1-H.2 2 metre length
TLT1-H.3 3 metre length
TLT1-2.4 Fixing kit

Electrolevel Beam - Vertical
TLT1-V.1 1 metre length
TLT1-V.2 2 metre length
TLT1-V.3 3 metre length
TLT1-2.4 Fixing kit
TLT1-2.6 Universal mounting plate

Connecting Cable And Fittings
CA-3.1-4-IC Instrument cable, 4 core, 7/0.20, screened
CA-3.2-4-FR Low smoke cable, 4 core

Handheld Electrolevel Levelling Tool - Helm
TLT1-3.1 Handheld electrolevel readout (HELM)

MAN-173 Electrolevel beam, tilt and hand held electrolevel readout (HELM)