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Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout

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The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout is capable of reading any Vibrating Wire sensor operating between 400Hz and 6000Hz which covers almost all commercially available VW sensors.

The wire may be excited by either plucking or sweeping via a coil adjacent to the wire. The resulting resonant frequency (which is relative to the tension of the wire) is then recorded by the same coil. The reading can be displayed by instrument readout or recorded by data logging equipment.

The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout is a portable, lightweight device that can read all Vibrating Wire sensors. It is powered by standard AA cells, has a long battery life and an automatic switch-off function.

The VW Handheld Readout is manufactured from durable ABS plastic, has an IP66 rating, and comes with a protective rubber housing; it is suitable for use in all weathers.

Product Features
• Small, portable and rugged-ised
• Four sweep ranges that read almost all Vibrating Wire sensors
• User selectable display units for Frequency or Period
• Direct reading of thermistor temperature in degrees Celsius
• Display back-light

The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout comes with a standard lead that connects to the readout via a Lemo plug and socket. This lead terminates in four crocodile clips, two for Vibrating Wire sensor reading and two for thermistor reading. An optional lead is available for connecting to a terminal box.

Ordering Information:

Vibrating Wire Readout
RO-1-VW-3 Vibrating wire handheld readout

RO-1-VW-2.7 Terminal box flylead for RO-1-VW-3 VW and temperature readout to terminal box RO-T
RO-1-VW-2.8 Cable Plug flylead for RO-1-VW-3 VW and temperature logger to cable plug CA-4.6