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SIDEPAK Personal Sampling Pumps Model SP530 DISCONTINUED

The 3 L/min SIDEPAK Model SP530 is a rugged and lightweight pump weighing as little as 16 oz (450 grams). The SP530 features an internal precision flow meter that measures, controls and data logs volumetric flow. The SP530 also features: multi-mode programming and operation via TRAKPRO Data Analysis Software; TSI's Smart Battery Management System for precise run time information in minutes remaining; and long-running NiMH or alkaline battery packs.

3 L/min SIDEPAK Model SP530 is a rugged and lightweight pump


Advanced personal sampling pump models feature precision volumetric flow control, continuous measurement and logging of volumetric flow rate for accurate sample volume information, fully programmable multi-mode operation and convenient internal low-flow adjustment.

Features and Benefits

* Built-in precision volumetric flow meter for advanced flow control
* Continuous volumetric flow rate measurement and logging
* Pre-program pumps with up to 5 custom sampling programs
* TRAKPRO Data Analysis Software for multi-mode pump operation and report generation
* Multiple battery options including 1600 mAH, 1650 mAH, 2700 mAH NiMH battery packs or a 6-cell, AA-size battery pack
* Precise run time information in minutes remaining
* Flow block detection with auto-restart
* Intrinsically safe (CSA and ATEX Approval) for use in hazardous environments
* Available in single-, 3-, and 5-unit kits


* Personal exposure monitoring/IH studies
* Ambient/work area monitoring
* Environmental sampling
* Epidemiology health studies
* Engineering studies

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