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Zefon 37mm Aluminum Cyclone for Respirable Dust

The Zefon® Respirable Dust Aluminum Cyclone is used in conjunction with 25mm or 37mm 3 piece filter cassettes to separate and remove larger particles from the respirable particles collected on the cassette’s filter. This Zefon cyclone is a replica of the SKC Aluminum Cyclone*. The inner workings have been precisely machined to exactly match that of the SKC Cyclone with only slight cosmetic changes to the exterior.

As a result, the collection efficiency curve meets the standards set forth by ACGIH/ISO/CEN for a respirable curve with a median 50% cut point of 4 micron at 2.5 LPM flowrate.

A cyclone holder and 25mm or 37mm 3 piece filter cassette are required for use of the Zefon Aluminum Cyclone. Both the Zefon Cassette Cyclone holder (#ZA0061) and the SKC holder (#225-1) are compatible with the Zefon Aluminum Cyclone.


  • Aluminum construction is static conductive, eliminating interference.
  • Lightweight – 30 grams
  • Fully interchangeable with SKC Aluminum Cyclone
  • Specified in NIOSH method 0600 for Respirable Particulates, and NIOSH 7500 for Silica, Crystalline

*Performance tests indicate no statistical difference between the SKC Aluminum Cyclone and the Zefon Aluminum Cyclone.



  • Cut Point 4 micron 
  • 2.5 LPM flow rate 


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