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The Zefon 25mm 2-Piece pharma cassette is manufactured using a specialized cassette housing that is manufactured from an ultra-low extractable plastic, pure PTFE filter, and custom design that does not require a filter support pad. This cassette is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry or when extractions need to be made without interference from the plastic housing of the cassette.


  • Fully assembled, preloaded and ready to use
  • Leak free construction eliminates sample loss
  • Configurations available to conform with most NIOSH, OSHA or EPA standards that require filter cassettes
  • Wide selection of filter membrane types including MCE, PVC, PTFE, Glass Fiber and Polycarbonate
  • Available with Zefon Solu-Sert™ or Gravi-Sert™ filter capsules installed
  • Housings available in 2-Piece close closed face sampling, or 3-Piece and 4-Piece (37mm only) configurations for open faced sampling.
  • Sterile models available and suitable for a wide range of applications such as fungi collection, microbiological analysis, water supply testing and beverage monitoring.
  • Ultra Pure PTFE models available for pharmacetical compound sampling.

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